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June 28 events

2017-06-28 10:11:19
Following events are expected on June 28, Wednesday.

9AM: The Ministry of Finance and Bank of Mongolia to hold discussion on “National Program on Financial Market of Mongolia until 2025” at Corporate Hotel.

9.30AM: Opening ceremony of MNT 6 billion worth “Suu” JSC bond to take place at Mongolian Stock Exchange.

10AM: Report on comparative research of the current states of Mongolia and Laos’s medical surgery and ambulance service to be presented at the Ministry of Health.

11AM: Civil Monitoring Network for Fair Election to present report on Presidential election monitoring at the Open Society Forum.

11AM: Organizers of the international academic conference “Impact from research” to hold press briefing at “Mongol News” information center.

12PM: “Ers Shinechlel” movement (Radical movement) to hold press briefing on the vote counting process of Presidential election at the National Information Center.

1.20PM: Italian “Cinderella” opera artists to hold press briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.