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July events to mark on your calendar

2017-06-30 10:47:49
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ As the most festive month of a Mongolian year makes its way, we are presenting major events that will make this July more adventurous.

1.Reindeerer Festival

When: July 6-7
Where: Dalai Tour’ camp, Khuvsgul aimag

‘Khuvsgul Mon Travel’ Co,.Ltd organizes its ‘Reindeerer Festival’ for the 17th year on the shore of Lake Khuvsgul. The festival is a great opportunity for an insightful experience of traditional nomadic lifestyle led by Mongolian reindeer people. In addition to reindeer activities such as riding or watching a reindeer polo game, the festival includes a small-scale Naadam celebration and traditional musical shows.

2.Deeltei Mongol Traditional Costume Day

When: July 10
Where: Central Square, Ulaanbaatar

This is a time to show off the diversity and beauty of traditional Mongolian attire. The central square will see a colorful parade of people clad in new costume on July 10 which is also National Flag Day. Folk performances and a costume contest are traditionally held in conjunction with the parade, organized by Mongolian Vision Tours.


When: July 11-13
Where: Around the country

Consisting of three manly-games, wrestling, horse race and archery, Naadam is a main reason many international tourists travel to Mongolia in July. The largest Naadam celebration is observed in the capital city, kicking off with a grand ceremony on July 11. However, tourists can catch local Naadams held in provincial centers and soum centers on different days in July.

4.Silence White Party

When: July 12
Where: National Park, Ulaanbaatar

Organized by Mongol Mix Project for the 12th year, the event promises a fun night with the best DJs in town. Party-goers are expected to wear only white outfits.

5.Playtime Festival

When: July 14-16
Where: Mongol Shiltgeen, Gachuurt Village

The largest live music festival in the country has been successfully organized since 2002, continually increasing its popularity with bigger bands to perform. The festival has been building on its reputation as the biggest meeting point of Mongolian youth, especially the Playtime crowd, who wait for the festival all year. Starting with Mongolian rockers ‘Haranga’, this year’s Playtime performers list includes international bands like The Fin from Japan, Starcardigan from Russia, Laybricks from the Republic of Korea, Japandroids from Canada, The You from Japan and One Sentence.Supervisor from Switzerland.

6.Silk Road – Kharkhorum Festival

When: July 17-21
Where: Kharkhorin soum, Uvurkhangai aimag

Once a diverse capital city of the Mongol Empire and an important stop along the Silk Road network, Kharkhorin is now a town of over 10 thousand residents. The soum center neighbors with Erdene Zuu Monastery, the oldest Buddhist establishment in Mongolia. The administration of Uvurkhangai aimag realizes its ambition to make Kharkhorin soum (Karakorum) once again a popular destination among international and national travelers.

7.Yak Festival

When: July 23
Where: Undur Tashaa, Orkhon Valley, Uvurkhangai aimag

Mongolia has the second largest yak population in the world after Tibet. The annual festival of yaks is an entertainment-packed event where festival-goers can enjoy team contests of catching yaks with a lasso, a yak rodeo and polo, as well as a trade fair of yak-origin products.

8.Nomads Cultural Festival

: July 22-25
Where: Lake Ulaagchiin Khar, Erdenekhairkhan soum, Zavkhan aimag

The administration of Zavkhan aimag aims to promote Mongolian nomadic culture by providing foreign and domestic tourists with a practical experience of the traditional lifestyle of nomads. The program of the festival includes yak contest, horse show, camel relay race, cultural performances, Naadam games and more. Situated 80 km northeast of the soum center of Erdenekhairkhan, the Ulaagchiin Khar Lake is a beautiful landmark of the province.

9.Sand Festival

When: July 24-25
Where: Ereennuur Resort, Gobi-Altai aimag

The authorities of Gobi-Altai aimag will join hands with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in gives publicity to the Ereennuur Natural Complex, based on the shores of Lake Ereennuur. The organizers aim to promote and sports and local culture through the two-day festival which is envisioned to become a major regional tourism product.

It is advisable to contact the organizers before going out to the country as there may be minor changes in the events' timing or program which are not absolutely final.