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Military personnel to be mobilized to firefighting

2017-07-17 11:18:44
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ An irregular cabinet meeting was held on 16 July and decisions on measures to be taken for wildfire fighting were made.
Prime Minister J.Erdenebat instructed to mobilize a number of officers and equipment from the Armed Forces, even though, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) earlier reported such need had not yet been raised.

According to the decision, 24 military officers started working on the wildfire scene in Erdene soum of Tuv aimag.
Relevant Ministers and authorities were assigned to take the following measures:

- To mobilize firefighters and equipment of the Civil Aviation Authority and Ulaanbaatar Railway.
- To study and introduce proposals to the Cabinet meeting on purchase of special fire extinguishing aircraft
- To grant incentives to people, who are working in firefighting, financing from budget expenditure for public works and services
- To make large-size water transporting vehicles, owned by companies and entities, prepared and ready
- To send additional medical teams to the wildfire region
Moreover, necessary funding will be provided for cloud seeding as well as inviting from abroad a professional team of a special aircraft, equipped for transporting 4 tons of water and sprinkling it from air and training the personnel. The ministers and authorities were also instructed to intensify enforcement of the temporary ban on travel in green zones and to strengthen the control.

Cloud seeding brought rainfall in wildfire burning areas

Following to the ordinance given by Prime Minister J.Erdenebat on 15 July, a team headed by S.Enkhtuvshin, chairman of the Meteorological and Environmental Monitoring Agency, worked in wildfire burning areas, conducting cloud seeding operations.
As a result of many days of observations and the cloud seeding, Mandal and Yeroo soums of Selenge Aimag and Batsumber soum of Tuv aimag had rainfalls. The rainfall is expected to continue the next few days.

Donation of MNT300 million collected
According to NEMA authorities, people’s donations of cash and staff for fire extinguishing operations and fire fighters have reached over MNT300 million.