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Prominent talents enliven PLAYTIME 2017

2017-07-17 14:55:00
An international live music festival “PLAYTIME” was held last weekend for the 16th year at “Mongol Shiltgeen in Gachuurt village of Ulaanbaatar.
With an aim to develop modern music culture, help young people spend times in nature and promote best Mongolian and foreign new artists, the event brought many well-known artists to what they are today. Since 2002, a repeated number of over 5 hundred artists and bands have performed on the stages of Playtime, including the artists from the US, UK, Russia, China and South Korea.
As for this year, the living legend of Mongolian rock music Kharanga band performed on stage, as well as other famous bands, such as Nisvanis, Mohanik, Recon, The Colors, Magnolian, Bazo and The Lemons livened up the event. Also, the festival featured Japanese rising stars The Fin, The You and Tidanomiyuki, as well as Switzerland’s One Sentence.

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