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August events to look forward to

2017-07-31 16:46:53
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ We are presenting events to attend to in August, the last month of the most fun season of a Mongolian year.

Yak festival

When: August 4
Where: Erdenetsogt soum, Bayankhongor

Erdenetsogt soum will host its annual Yak Festival on August 4 this year. Co-organized by the Governor’s Office of Erdenetsogt soum, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and Division of External Relations and Tourism of the Governor’s Office of Bayankhongor aimag, the annual festival offers entertainment bits such as yak race, bucking yak event, best pair riding yak contest, best yak bull contest in addition to a traditional fair of yak products. Erdenetsogt soum leads Bayankhongor aimag with its number of cattle herd which constitutes 30 percent of the total herd of domestic animals.

Sunrise Festival

When: August 4
Where: National Park

Hosted by MNG Events Consulting Agency, the 2017 ‘Sunrise Festival’ has changed its venue to National Park, expanding the event’s reach even more. Over 30 thousand music-loving young people are expected to enjoy the festival which was previously organized at the River Beach Resort for 3 years and the central Stadium for another 3 years. The performers include headliners such as Lkhagvasuren, frontman of rock group Haranga, Uka, Amarkhuu, Nisvanis, Recon, UFO and DJs. The festival is divided into four main areas for Main DJ Festival, Rock Live Music, RnB Hip Hop and Salsa.

‘We love our country’

When: August 5
Where: Central Stadium

By the initiative of rock group ‘Hurd’, Mongolian rock and pop artists unite to help better equip the National Emergency Management Agency in fighting wildfire, a recent outbreaks of which burned large territories in several aimags. The ‘We love our country’ benefit concert will be staged on August 5 at the central Stadium, Ulaanbaatar. Dedicated to Mongolians who want to contribute to wildfire suppression operations and protect their homeland, the concert will cost MNT 10 thousand per one ticket. The money raised from the benefit concert will be used by the National Emergency Management Agency in purchasing a firefighting aircraft.

Danshig Naadam-Khuree Tsam

When: August 5- 6
Where: Central Stadium

Gandantegchenling Monastery and the capital city authority join hands for the third year in organizing the Danshig Naadam-Khuree Tsam religious & cultural event. Comprising of Khuree Tsam religious ceremony and Mongolian Naadam, the festival was revived in 2015 in celebration of the 380th birth anniversary of Undur Gegeen Zanabazar. As the word ‘danshig’ translates into ‘firm stance’, the Danshig Naadam was celebrated by Mongolians for religious and political purposes more than 350 years ago. Although the Danshig Naadam brought a number of foreign and domestic tourists to Khui Doloon Khudag for the last two years, the organizers decided to hold the event at the Central Stadium, Ulaanbaatar this year, without horse race.

7th International Children’s Games

When: August 12-17
Where: Ulaanbaatar

The Mongolian capital will host the 7th International Children’s Games which aims to develop Olympic sports amongst children and youth, to promote Mongolian traditional sports, to prepare for the upcoming 3rd Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018 and to strengthen and broaden the international cooperation between the participant countries. The Physical Culture and Sport Authority of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport will be in charge of organizing the event which invites children from all over the world to compete in 11 sports.

International Young Researchers Forum

When: August 16-17
Where: Mongolian State University of Education

Hosted by the American Center for Mongolian Studies, the 3rd International Young Researchers Forum aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and promote research collaboration by bringing together young Mongolian and International researchers who have an interest in focusing their academic research on Mongolian themes. Through facilitated exchanges, the participants will have a chance to share their knowledge, experience and expertise in order to enhance the overall quality of research and discover potential new areas of study. The forum will focus on three clustered themes: Science and Technology, Arts & Humanities, Social & Medical Sciences.

World Poetry Days

When: August 17-18
Where: Ulaanbaatar & Gobi Desert

The 37th World Congress of Poets will take place in Ulaanbaatar. Poets of the world are invited to the Mongolian capital for World Poetry Days, to attend the 37th World Congress of Poets, to read their poems at the International Poetry Festival, to travel in the Gobi desert, and to open their hearts for exchange of emotions and experiences. The World Poetry Days will be observed under the theme ‘The Wisdom of Nature and the Nature of the Human Soul’ on August 16-22 in Mongolia.

Khuur Music Festival

When: August 25-26
Where: Central Stadium
‘BRB’, ‘Mongol HD’ Channel, ‘Khuur’ app, ‘Brainstorm Branding Agency’ and ‘Skinny Studio’ are collaborating on a new music festival called Khuur (Хуур) Music Festival (XMF) which will be held on August 25-26 at the central Stadium. Dubbed as the last major show of this summer, the Khuur Music Festival brings together the hottest artists, DJs and musicians on the same stage just before the start of a new academic year. The organizers promise a show never-before-seen to the Mongolian audience, with the biggest ever stage, high quality sound and the most number of LED screens. The unique lineup of artists include Big Gee, Rokit Bay, Ice Top, Lumino, South Korean rapper G2, Vanquish, Opozit, Desant and Mekh Zakhq who will perform on Day 1, Hip Hop Night, and Dj Simon & Lush, DJ Zonderling, DJ Royal & Junior, DJ Henza, DJ Zolo and others for the second night of electronic dance music.