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Winter preparation of Construction sector at 65.8 percent

2017-08-10 15:39:59
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Implementation of the construction sector’s "Action Plan for Winter Preparation" is at 65.8 percent on-schedule, says the officials. 

Specifically, preparation work in Ulaanbaatar city is at 87.2 percent, while the main cities of aimags are at 44.3 percent.

Within the frames of 187th order of the government on “2017 Actions for Winter Preparations in Main Cities”, the related Minister addressed that the detailed plans of winter preparation in 2017-2018 was prepared and engineering network, performing on-time quality maintenance of equipment and routine, providing related departments with information and delivering it to the capital city and utility companies.

Accordingly, over 60 km of clean, wastewater and sanitation network were repaired, building 26.5 km long network. Furthermore, several new networks, such as 139.7km long clean water, 162.1km wastewater, 101.5km heat networks, washing, compression and test works were done.