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Parliament adopts dismissal of Cabinet

2017-09-08 09:44:43
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Parliament has dissolved the Cabinet with 57.5 per cent vote in its irregular session.

In its irregular session held till Thursday night, majority of parliament members voted to dismiss the Prime Minister J.Erdenebat and in accordance with relevant laws the cabinet has been dissolved following to PM's dismissal. It happened after alleged incompetent actions of the Cabinet.

Parliament now should appoint new Prime Minister within 30 days and the dissolved Ministers have been assigned to work as acting ministers until formation of a new Cabinet.

Earlier, on August 23, 30 members of the Mongolian People’s Party group at Parliament submitted a petition to dismiss Prime Minister of Mongolia J.Erdenebat, accusing him for alleged actions violated laws and making decisions in favor of interests of some groups, including the establishment of a concession agreement of MNT 807.8 billion with companies, which work for the interest of some cabinet members.

Formed after the 2016 parliamentary elections, the Erdenebat’s Cabinet lasted for 404 days or 14 months.