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MPP Conference to announce nominee for PM

2017-09-13 17:14:20
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Steering Committee of the Mongolian People’s Party held its meeting on Wednesday to schedule a meeting of the MPP Conference on September 25. The Conference meeting will discuss candidates who will nominate for Prime Ministerial post.

MPP Secretary Ts.Bat-Enkh said 30 members out of total 33 members of the Conference attended the meeting of the Steering Committee and established a working group to make preparation for the Conference meeting and conclusion rolling events and situation. “The working group comprised MPP General Secretary, Secretary, non-staff secretaries and head and deputy head of MPP group in the parliament. The nomination for PM should be resolved within 30 days or the time expires on October 06,” said Ts.Bat-Enkh.

In response to the question whether the to be appointed PM will become MPP chairman, he said “There is a provision in the party rule that the party chairman should become PM. But it does not mean PM will become the party chairman. PM must be appointed within 30 days in accordance with the law. The Party Congress should hold its meeting within 45 days after the meeting of the Conference. Therefore the Conference will set the date of the Congress. We will adhere to the party rule,” he said.