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Rules for granting allowances and grants to policemen approved

2017-09-14 10:10:26
Image Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On September 13, the Cabinet meeting approved rules for granting allowances, compensation, grants and travel expenses to police officers as well as involving them in psychological rehabilitation treatment free of charge as well as list of hospitals to render the treatments.

According to the rules, the allowance will be 120 times higher than the salary level of the position, which has been defined the most recent. If one lost his/her working ability up to 40-49 percent the compensation will be 30 times the minimum wage, 60 times the minimum wage for working ability loss of 50-69 percent, 90 times the minimum wage for more than 70 per cent loss.

Police officer, who is injured or suffered a health loss during his/her official duty and become disabled or released from the office for this reason will be granted expense for traveling to a resort or rehabilitation center, once a year.

According to the Labor Law, one employee must work 160 hours per month and 1760 hours a year, but officers responsible for maintaining public order are working at least 192 hours per month and 2112 hours a year. The 14th Report on Human Rights and Freedoms in Mongolia made by the National Human Rights Commission included the fact that traffic police officer works a total of 2288 hours or 528 hours of overtime per year.

According to the General Police Department, there were 433 cases of injury during official duties from 2011 till September 2015, which means that one police officer injures every four days.