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Speaker sends response to official letter of President

2017-09-20 10:02:37
Image Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On September 19, Parliamentary Speaker M.Enkhbold sent a response to the President’s official letter on immediately summoning a parliamentary irregular session.

In his letter, the Speaker said, “Irregular session of parliament convened recently and dissolved the Government. PM J.Erdenebat and other Government members have been assigned to perform their duties until new PM and Government members’ are appointed and the Cabinet is performing its duties within its full authority. Therefore there is no reason to consider government function would be stagnated and bring economic and social consequences,”
In accordance with the article 33.1.2 of the Constitution, the President enjoys a prerogative right to propose to the State Great Khural (parliament) the candidature for the appointment to the post of Prime Minister in consultation with the majority party in the parliament within five days, mentioned speaker M.Enkhbold in the letter. Then he noted, “The Mongolian People’s Party Conference meeting was called for on September 25 or in six days and information about it has spread through mass media sufficiently. Therefore within the Constitution’s above mentioned provision, Parliamentary session’s plenary meeting can be convened and resolve the issue after the parliament receives the proposal on PM’s appointment,”