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D.Tsogtbaatar MP meets Amnesty International representatives

2017-09-21 15:49:45
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ D.Tsogtbaatar MP received Minar Pimple, Senior Director of Global Operations at Amnesty International, and Nicholas Bequelin, East Asia Regional Director of Amnesty International, on September 21.

At beginning of the meeting, Minar Pimple expressed his gratitude to D.Tsogtbaatar MP the audience and said he intented to discuss three issues. Then he handed over the Amnesty International’s annual report 'The Current State of the World’s Human Rights 2016' to D.Tsogtbaatar MP.

Minar Pimple said, “It is important that Mongolia has became one of the exemplary countries to abolish death penalty. Therefore, I perceive that it is possible for Mongolia to share its experience and give guidance to other countries that still use death penalty. Ourr organization is changing. I would like to inform that our cooperation could cover more broad spheres than stopping at only making research and giving guidance. It has to be mentioned that Mongolia is facing issues in broader frames, such as providing quality education, focusing on health, reducing poverty, creating wealth distribution, raising public awareness of law and providing accommodation. The Government’s role is vital in solving these issues and specifying further actions,” 

In response, D.Tsogtbaatar MP emphasized, “The development policy cannot be determined by only one research alone. It has to be studied from every angle to implement quality policy. Although our country is facing many difficulties, there are many accomplishments could be named as well. If we set aside our problems, it will continue to exist. Therefore, it is important to face them at haste. It could be said that Mongolia is in its trial phase. Your actions are important to overcome this phase and I hope you work to further expand cooperation,”