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Uvs Seabuckthorn - a combination of healthy and tasty products

2017-09-22 16:23:52
Operating for 75 years, “Uvs Food” JSC has created 'Uvs Seabuckthorn' brand, which is now promoting Mongolia’s name around the world. 
Around 40 percent of Mongolian seabuckthorn is grown in Uvs province.  Mongolian people have used seabuckthorn in their daily life since ancient times and have started planting wild sea buckhorn and obtained 'Ulaangom', 'Chandmani' and 'Tes' sorts in Uvs province for around 50 years since the 1970’s.
In the socialist era, around 360 tons of seabuckthorn were harvested annually to supply both domestic and foreign markets.  Although seabuckthorn harvesting was reduced after the transition to a market economy, the Government launched a 'Seabuckthorn' program in 2010 and restored the production rate. 
As of today, seabuckthorn grows on around 5 hundred hectares of land, harvesting over 180 thousand tons with around 100 hectares belonging to the Uvs Food JSC plantation.  Aside from their own sorts, the company also grows 'Elizabeth' and 'Altaisky' sorts. Exalted as the king of fruits with its medical benefits, seabuckthorn was one of the items Mongolia's first astronaut kept in his backpack when he went into space in 1981.
When comparing seabuckthorn oils extracted from Uvs Aimag to other Mongolian regions in a Swedish laboratory, the oil had 2.5 times more palmitic acid.  The quality even exceeded olive oil and is considered 40 percent healthier for the human body.  Accordingly, Mongolia made request to officially register geographical indications to sea buckthorn to the European Union.

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