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October 3 Events

2017-10-03 08:35:10
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The following events expected to October 3:

09.00AM International forum themed 'Mongolian Contributions to Slackening Climate Change' will take place in Corporate hotel

09.00AM 'Labour Safety and Covering Issues for Health and Methods to solve' theory-practice conference will be held in Corporate hotel

10.00AM Mongolia Russia Cooperation 2017 business forum will open in Blue Sky hotel.

10.00AM At Chinggis Khaan international airport, welcoming ceremony will take place for Mongolian team set new record of 13th World Champion of Diverse Sport of Firefighting Technics held in Turkey
11.00AM Financial Education campaign will open in Bank of Mongolia
11.00AM Mongolian Parents and Students Union will hold press briefing on augmenting teachers' salary at Mongolian Youth Federation 
11.00AM Organizers of Monthly Campaign for Supporting Elders' Health will give report to media in Press Institute

12.00AM Ambassador of Hungary will present diplomatic credentials to President of Mongolia at State House
14.00PM Teachers and Students of IFE will open exhibition in Institute of Finance and Economics