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Candidates for ministerial posts confirmed by MPP

2017-10-11 17:03:18
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) has reached an agreement on the new Government members’ candidacy, except three nominations. Candidates for the Deputy PM, the Defense Minister and the Minister of Construction and Urban Development are not confirmed yet, according to MPP General Secretary D.Amarbayasgalan. The other 11 candidates are:

1.G.Zandanshatar for Minister of Head of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government 
2.Ch.Khurelbaatar for Finance Minister
3.Ts.Davaasuren for Energy Minister
4.S.Chinzorig for Minister of Labor and Social Protection
5.D.Sarangerel for Health Minister
6.Ts.Tsogzolmaa for Minister of Education, Culture, Sciences and Sports
7.Ts.Nyamdorj for Minister of Justice and Home Affairs
8.B.Batzorig for Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry
9.J.Bat-Erdene for Minister of Road and Transportation Development
10.D.Tsogtbaatar for Minister of Foreign Affairs
11.D.Sumyabazar for Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry

These candidates are members of current parliament and no one from the dismissed Government has been re-nominated.