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Japanese photographers open exhibition

2017-10-12 14:40:25

In the framework of the 45th anniversary of the Mongolia-Japan diplomatic relations, a joint exhibition of Japanese photographers opened on October 11 in the Q Art Gallery in Zaisan Hill.


The exhibition entitled ‘Japanese photographers in Mongolia’ is displaying over 60 photos taken by 11 outstanding photographers at the Japanese Photographers Association about Japan, people, nature, tradition, culture and lifestyle. Particularly works of Sugiyama Teruzo, a Japanese popular photographer, highly attracts interest of viewers. He mostly worked on paintings of N.Tsultem, a State Prize Holder and People’s Painter, since 1983. His apprentice Shimizu Tetsuro also has been taking pictures, traveling Mongolian steppe, the Gobi Desert and mountains, since 1997. 


During the exhibition, the Polar Star Order was awarded to L.Ganzorig, Board Director of the Mongolian Photographers’ Association (MPA) and S.Tuya, a senior photographer, in accordance a decree of the President Kh.Battulga.


Present at the exhibition’s opening were L.Enkh-Amgalan MP, President of the MPA, Masato Takaoka, Ambassador of Japan to Mongolia, D.Dagvadorj, Envoy of the Mongolian President and Grand Champion of Professional Sumo, Yutaka Ohira, Secretary-General of the Japanese Photographers Union, Mongolian and Japanese photographers.

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