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Traumatology forum held

2017-10-17 14:48:19

The 19th annual scientific forum ‘Modern Diagnosis and Therapy of Traumatology’ was held on October 13 in the Hospital for State Special Servants.

The forum is organized annually with aim to introduce modern technological achievements in traumatology and widen training and scientific sphere.

Over 200 physicians and traumatologists from the capital and countryside attended the forum. It was noticeable that the main reports showed that quality of traumatologic aid, service, diagnosis and therapy have reached an international level in Mongolia and now scientific researches and studies are being emphasized to strengthen the achievements. This time, the forum focused on improvement issues of diagnosis, therapy and surgical skills. During the forum an exhibition was organized by distributor companies of medicine and medical equipment of traumatology.

The Hospital for State Special Servants hosted the forum to introduce and promote its activities to physicians and doctors in traumatology sector, as the hospital has made new extended structure and formation this year.

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