Health Minister works in Tuv aimag

2017-11-13 15:53:43
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ Last Saturday, Health Minister D. Sarangerel, UNFPA Mongolia Country Representative Naomi Kitahara and heads of some health organizations of Mongolia worked in the Central Hospital of Tuv aimag to see the hospital’s activity and operations of telemedicine equipment, installed in the central hospitals of 21 aimags with the financing of UNFPA. The equipment ensures to provide quality clinical management to complications of maternal and newborn cases in geographically remote areas by instantly connecting to obstetricians of the Nation Center of Maternal and Child Health in Ulaanbaatar city.  

Moreover, they held a meeting with doctors and health workers of the hospital and handed over an oxygen concentrator apparatus to a maternity ward of the hospital.At the meeting, the Minister said introduced government policies on health sector and actions to be further taken by the government.

She said that actions for health sector were reflected in the Plan of Action of the Government and a required legal environment has been created to realize these actions, in particular to implement a law on medical aids and services and make hospitals to have relatively independent operations.
“First decisions are coming out in order to expend money of the health insurance fund appropriately on health services. By doing so, it will create a possibility to decrease medical service-related expenses of citizens,” emphasized the Minister.       
M. Unurzul