Mongolian court has two model courtrooms

2017-11-22 10:33:45
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Opening ceremony of the Green Hall took place on November 20.  Green Hall was fully refurbished meeting to the courtroom standards with an investment of the Judicial General Council of Mongolia.

It has an area of 234 square meter and height of 5.35 meter. Moreover, it has courtroom, waiting section, consultation room, server and trial monitoring room. The courtroom, where microphones and cameras are embeddedis, consisted of judge’s hence, witness stand, seats for defendant and plaintiff and benches and chairs for general public,  The wall, poles and furniture were painted with green color in order to provide comport for participants and observers. A LCD is placed in the waiting section, allowing to view trials. 
The Hall is connected to courts in 21 aimags and it is significant to bringing judicial services close to citizens.
In his opening speech, PhD N.Lundendorj, Chief of the Judicial General Court of Mongolia and State Honored Science Figure, underlined that the Green Hall is the second refurbished court hall by the Judicial General Council of Mongolia.

“The reason why it is called model courtroom is because Mongolian judges should work in courtroom like this. On the other hand, we are refurbishing this court halls for judges to demand another model court halls from the Judicial Administrative Organization.  The Judicial General Court of Mongolia had no budget for investment  over last four years, but we managed to established two model courtrooms by saving”, he said.