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30 000 people to take part in Ulaanbaatar Marathon

2017-05-19 16:25:32
Every 20th of May, the capital city marks the Car-Free Day and the city administration as a tradition organizes ‘Ulaanbaatar Marathon’ public running event.
The public race is organized with the aims to develop running sport in the country, promote the capital city Ulaanbaatar to the world, encourage people to get involved in running and teach young people to practice and develop patience and persistence, that lead them to open their capabilities and achieve their goals as well as comprehensive physical and intellectual training.
Some 30 thousand people from 17 countries have been registered to take part in the marathon, which starts at the Sukhbaatar Square.
‘Ulaanbaatar Marathon-2017’ will be held in two categories, athlete runners and amateurs. Amateurs’ race will have 4 age groups for three different distances, including the ages of 12-17,18-35, 36-54 and 55 and up. Moreover, 1.5 km race will be held among family members and people with disabilities. 
On the sidelines of the marathon, art performances, fun competitions and bicyclists’ parade will be held.

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