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April 18 events

2017-04-18 11:02:51
Following events are expected on April 18, Tuesday.

11AM: "Mongolia-Germany Bridge" NGO to hold press briefing on 8th "Career expo-2017" at Press Institute.

11.30AM: Zaamaar Khairkhan NGO to hold press briefing on the mining licensing of 21 thousand hectares of state special need lands in Tumtsii bag (bag - smallest administrative unit), Zaamar soum at the National Information Center.

12 PM: Mongolian Young CEO Club along with Mongolian Youth Federation to hold press briefing on the opportunities for young business-owners to contribute to the economy at "Mongol News" Information Center.

2PM: Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice to convene at the State House. 

2.30PM: Representatives of IMF to meet with the leadership of Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions at the CMTU office.