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Large-scale projects to be implemented in coming years in collaboration with China

2017-05-17 18:01:48
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Mongolia and China established 21 cooperation agreements and memorandums during Prime Minister J.Erdenebat’s visit to the People's Republic of China. Significances of some of the documents were asked by a MONTSAME correspondent from relevant officials and business delegates.

Technology transfer center to be established based on innovation development

Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports J.Batsuuri on the MoU between the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports of Mongolia and Ministry of Science and Technology of China on development of science park and innovation infrastructure:

“- Within the memorandum, an incubator center to transfer technology will be established based on science and technology park and innovation development. The document also indicates that young Mongolian scholars and researchers will be involved in trainings and conduct research in science institutes in China for long and short terms. We hope works to be done within the document will be contributions by the Chinese science and research institutions to the Mongolia's science development.

Oyu Tolgoi to import energy from China over the next four years

General Director of National Power Transmission Grid state-owned company B.Nyamsambuu: Our company signed an agreement on power purchase with Energy International Cooperation Company of Inner Mongolia, China. Oyu Tolgoi will import energy from China over the next four years and our company is in charge of the import agreement. As a result of successful talks, we managed to lower the price of importing energy by USD3 million by a yearly amount.
600MWt power plant to be built in Dundgobi aimag 

“Mongol Power” LLC is to implement a power plant project in Tevshiin Gobi. Executive Director Erdembileg: “- Our company established a memorandum with Chinese Energy Investment Corporation to build 600 MWt power plant based on Tevshiin Gobi mine, located in Saintsagaan soum of Dundgobi aimag. A concession agreement was established in 2017 and the project is under process of document development. The realization of the project is expected to start next year. The project aims to ensure energy stability of the central energy network and recover energy deficiency.

The USD1.1 billion project is the biggest since the construction of 4th combined power plant in 1982. Firebird company of the USA and other Mongolian investors will fund the project with a ration of 51:49. The plant will have an air cooling system, therefore it will utilize much less water: equals to 5 per cent water usage of a plant with water cooling system.
Construction factory for affordable houses to be built 

A cooperation agreement was signed between Ganit Group of Mongolia and Junmin Juyuoi a technological company. Director of Ganit Group Ts.Batbayar ‘We will collaborate to establish house construction factory, which will have the latest modern technology for building houses at a minimum-cost. The factory will be significant to reduce air, soil and environment pollution while  improving the living conditions of Ulaanbaatar residents through building new houses with a cost of less than MNT1million per square meter.

The construction is expected to cost CNY350 million and start this June. The factory will have an annual capacity of producing 1 million sq.m houses or houses for 200 thousand families in a year, which means in four years, housing need of Ulaanbaatar will be satisfied by building 4 million sq.m houses. The project will last for four years.