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May 10 events

2017-05-10 10:24:47
Following events are expected on May 10, Wednesday.

11AM: Press briefing on “Traffic safety week” to take place at Traffic Police Authority.

11AM: “On the crossroads of philosophy and human rights”, a philosophy Olympiad to take place at Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

11AM: Independence and Unity Party to hold press briefing on the current issues at “Mongol News” information center.

11.30AM: Mongolian People’s Party to hold press briefing on offshore regions at the National Information Center.

At the State House:

9AM: Standing Committee on Social Welfare, Education, Culture and Sciences’ session to take place.

9AM: “National Innovation Forum” to be held.

2PM: Standing Committee on Economics’ session to take place.

At the central square:

11AM: Opening ceremony of “Ulaanbaatar Spring 2017”, an international choral festival takes place.

2PM: On the occasion of “Mongolian innovation week – 2017” event, an exhibition on innovative inventions to take place.