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May 4 events

2017-05-04 10:23:19
10.00: General Agency for Specialized and Inspection conducts a meeting with manufacturers of building materials at the heating supply company of Ulaanbaatar
11.00: Ulaanbaatar Departments of Road Development and Public Transport organize an Open Door event at the Central Square
13.00: Ceremony of presenting Eco school’s certificate “Bronze Gerege" (Gerege-Paiza is a tablet used to be carried by Mongolian officials and envoys to signify certain privileges and authority)” takes place at the Mongolian Fine Arts Gallery
14.00: Academic conference on theory and practice themed “National Script-Guarantee of Independence” takes place at the National Library of Mongolia
18.00: Discussion on “Pressing issues of current state of primary and secondary education in Bayan-Ulgii aimag” holds at the Library of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology

At the “Mongol news” information center

11.00: S.Odontuya, Head of the Democratic Women’s Association conducts a press conference on the protection of rights of children and women
11.30: Mongolian National Olympic Committee conducts a press conference about its new organizational structure and activities
12.00: The Mongolian Chess Federation conducts a press conference on chess tournament to be organized on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Ts.Toivgoo, Academician and State Prize Winner.  
12.30: Parents of students of the 29th special secondary school conduct a press conference