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May 9 events

2017-05-09 10:03:55
Following events are expected on May 9, Tuesday.

9.30AM: Business forum between Mongolia and Vietnam to be held at Tuushin Hotel.

10AM: E-barimt (digital receipt) printing POS machine suppliers to hold trade fair at Dunjingarav shopping center.

10AM: Discussion on “Land privatization and ger district development” to be held at the State House.

10AM: United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific to present report on 2017 at the UN House.

11.30AM: Medical examination reports of the presidential election’s candidates to be disclosed at the General Election Commission of Mongolia.

At the State House:

9AM: Standing Committee on Justice session takes place at D.Sukhbaatar Hall.

9AM: Standing Committee on Environment, Food and Agriculture’s session to be held at Chinggis Khaan Hall.

11AM: Policy discussion on “Revision of Risk Management System of Mongolia” to take place.

At “Mongol News” information center:

Press briefing on the current issues of public transportation to take place.

11.30AM: “Happy Veritas” diagnostic clinic to hold press briefing on the current issues.