First insomnia treatment center to open at Hospital for State Special Servants

2017-11-23 13:44:33
Ulaanbaatar /MONTAME/ The first insomnia treatment center in Mongolia is to open at the Hospital for State Special Servants.  Within the framework of commissioning the new B complex of the hospital, the center will be established.

On November 23, a memorandum of understanding on cooperation and  establishment of the insomnia treatment center was signed by L.Battumur, Director of the the Hospital for State Special Servants, Yasunari Oka, Director of the Insomnia Treatment Center of Ehime University and Masanori Takahashi and Takaaki Sato, foreing relations and technical managers of the Koike Medical Company. 

Implementing this project it will provide opportunities to treat people who suffer from insomnia, hold joint trainings, empower doctors and specialists and develop mutually-beneficial cooperation in the further.