PM works in Gantsmod border checkpoint

2018-04-13 16:46:44
Umnugobi/MONTSAME/ On April 12, the last day of his official visit to China, the PM U.Khurelsukh got familiarized with operations of Gantsmod and Gashuunsukhait border checkpoints which links Bayannur city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Mongolia  and Umnugobi aimag of Mongolia. 

Last July, an access of Mongolia’s coal transportation to China was limited by 50 percent at the border checkpoint, which is a main gateway of Mongolia’s export of mining and mineral resources output. It caused  much problems and long queue. Thus, the PM visited the checkpoint to see the situation personally and reach a certain solution.

At this time last year, about 1500 trucks transported coal to China everyday through the checkpoints. However, the southern neighbor limited the access of the Gantsmod checkpoint. As a result, the number has fallen by half or around 500-700 a day. Related officials of China explained the limited access in connection with its necessity to improve border control and develop its infrastructure.

However, the PM’s visit to the checkpoint brought effective outcome and the sides agreed to cooperate in all possible ways to improve the carrying capacity of the checkpoint and improve the export volume.  Specifically, when seeing operations of Gantsmod checkpoint of Bayannur city of Inner Mongolia, authorities of the checkpoint informed the PM that it is possible to make a purchase contract with Mongolia’s Erdenet Tavantolgoi JSC and receive 10 million tons of coal per year for procession. There are 26 coal-processing plants in Bayannur city that received 7 million tons of coal from Mongolia last year. A price of a ton of coal, which is sold at USD60-70 at the mine site, increases to around USD120 in the course of re-loading and transporting, said authorities of Gantsmod checkpoint. If the direct purchase contract is built, Mongolian side will be possible to distribute 10 million tons of coal directly from the mine site.

Working at Gantsmod checkpoint, the Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh accencuated Chinese President Xi Jinping’s talking about Mongolia’s possibility to export 30 tons of coal per year by 2020 during their meeting within the recent visit. Two sides need to collaborate to achieve the object, he added.

A main issue touched on during his visit to Customs Control Center of the Gantsmod checkpoint was about how to coordinate long queue of coal transportation and put into normal runs. According to a head of the Gantsmod checkpoint, too many trucks with permission of coal transportation cause to form a long queue, making troubles in both sides. Therefore, the PM said that relevant organizations of Mongolia would be assigned to pay a special attention on this matter and take appropriate measure for eliminating current conditions of drivers who spend many days in the truck, which is a main reason to lose their health and safety.

After hearing pressing issues and reports of Chinese side, the Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh headed to Gashuunsukhait border checkpoint of Mongolia.