Mongolia to cooperate with IFC in green building evaluation

2018-04-16 13:32:48
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Energy Regulatory Commission signed a memorandum of cooperation with the International Financial Corporation (IFC) on green building evaluation system implementation in Mongolia on April 13.
Cooperation between the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development and the IFC started in 2017 and  the memorandum launches the second phase of its operation. 
Deputy Minister of Construction and Urban Development Sh.Lkhamsuren said “We would like to thank you for accepting our proposals and supporting the development of a green building evaluation system in Mongolia. As you know we have established the Council for Green Building to create and develop national evaluation system in Mongolia. The council is responsible for integrated management of all green building activities. In order to strengthen human resources I suggest to train trainers from the Council for Green Building and jointly develop a program. The Council will become an independent implementation institution of Mongolia's green building evaluation system, which is the most important outcome of this memorandum.”
As a result of this cooperation, it will be possible to evaluate green building in Mongolia using the IFC’s  ‘EDGE’ software for green building evaluation system based on the principle of improving the efficiency of new housing and public buildings and resource-savings.
The ‘Green building’ certificate for buildings will make a significant improvement in the development of resource efficient construction.