Minister J.Bat-Erdene meets Chairman of Tuvan Government Sholban Kara-Oo

2018-05-15 15:06:48
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Minister of Road and Transport Development J.Bat-Erdene met today with Chairman of the Tuvan Government Sholban Valyerievich Kara-Ool to share views on broadening bilateral relations and cooperation in transport field.
In particular, the sides exchanged views on opening an air route between Ulaangom-Kyzyl and expressed mutually supporting the proposal.  
New Kyzyl International Airport is planned to be operational starting August this year and an issue of upgrading Ulaangom city airport into international status is anticipated to be resolved at the Cabinet meeting. The both sides agreed to conduct alternate flights at the first stage and negotiate flight frequency further.
Mongolia is pursuing a policy to connect Erdenet-Ovoot railway with Kyzyl-Kuragin railway. Erdenet-Ovood railway is a part of the northern corridor railway which reflected in the Program on Establishing Economic Corridor among Mongolia-Russia-China. We are ready to cooperate with you in all directions in augmenting freight volume and passenger flow in transport sector to expand economic cooperation of the two countries, stated the Minister during the meeting.