Deputy PM discusses cooperation issues with Chairman of Tuvan Government

2018-05-16 18:29:41
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia U.Enkhtuvshin received Chairman of the Government of Tuva Republic of the Russian Federation Sholban Valyerievich Kara-Ool on May 15.
During the meeting, Mr. Sholban Valyerievich Kara-Ool expressed Tuva’s interest in intensifying relations between Mongolia and Tuva, particularly regional and cross-border cooperation and cooperating with Mongolia widely in various sectors such as road, transportation, commerce and economy.
He also mentioned possibilities of establishing wood manufacturing plant in Uvs aimag and meat processing plant in Kyzyl, upgrading Borshoo- Khandgait border check-point into international status and conducting flights between the two countries and asked Mongolian side to support them.
Deputy PM U.Enkhtuvshin expressed his support for the proposals and noted that he is confident that science, technique, social, culture, ethnic culture, humanitarian cooperation and infrastructure of cross-border area would develop further by signing the Intergovernmental Agreement between Mongolia and Russia on Supporting Regional and Cross-border Cooperation.
While inviting Mr. Sholban Valyerievich Kara-Ool to participate in Mongolia-Russian Initiative 2018 series of event, Deputy PM expressed hopes that Tuva will actively take part in Mongolia-Russia Initiative 2018 event which will contribute to the bilateral cooperation in commerce, economy, especially, agriculture sector.
The sides also exchanged views on implementing projects on gas transmission pipeline between Mongolia and Tuva, and new railroad in route Kyzyl- Tsagaantolgoi-Arts suuri- Ovoot.
They also concurred to develop relations between businessmen and citizens, which is significant to bilateral cooperation.