June 11 events

2018-06-11 11:45:50
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following events expected on June 11:

Political party groups in parliament to hold meetings at the State House

9 AM: On the occasion of the World Accreditation Day Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology to conduct ‘Accreditation for more secure environment’ workshop at the Ulaanbaatar Hotel

9 AM: Opening of the International Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries to take place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

9:30 AM: ‘Current state of nutrition and food security of population and ways to improve it’ meeting to take place at the Blue Sky hotel

11 AM: Opening of the ‘NUM Hackathon-2018’ best student idea and projects competition to be held at the NUM library

12 AM: ‘Badigar monastery- Ancient temple at the Moni mountainside’ photo exhibition to open at the Mongolian Theatre Museum