‘Mongolia Mining 2018’ international expo opens today

2018-04-04 18:21:40

The 8th edition of the annual ‘Mongolia Mining 2018’ international expo opens today at Buyant-Ukhaa sports complex with aim to introduce Mongolian mining sector's policy and provide opportunities to keep pace with latest technologies of global mining industry and attract investment.

130 companies from 20 countries including Mongolia, Russia, China, Canada, Czech Republic, USA, Germany are participating in this year’s expo and introducing their products and services. Also, more than 2000 representatives of foreign and domestic mining companies received  mandates to visit the expo.

During the annual ‘Mongolia Mining’ expo discussions are organized on specific mining topics. Last year, the coal industry was discussed and this year’s expo is highlighting non-ferrous metals. Organizers of the expo noted that this year’s expo is expanding its scope with participation of suppliers from Finland, Great Britain, Italy and Ukraine.

Last year, commodity prices of mining industry have increased in the world market and it led Mongolian mining companies to recover. The number of participating countries and companies has been growing steadily over the past eight years, both in the mining boom and decline cycles in Mongolia, proving the quality and scope of the "Mongolia Mining" exhibition. The Mongolia Mining 2018 exhibition will continue until April 6

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