300 thousand tons of processed fuel to be produced this year

2018-08-14 13:19:02
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ With a purpose to reduce air pollution, the Government made a decision to ban raw coal consumption in the capital city from next May and introduce processed fuel into household use. 
Within the frames, a comprehensive measures are intended, such as establishment of coal processing plant, introduction of electric heaters and liquefied gas into use and housing program for ger area residents. These measures are believed to contribute to the reduction of air pollution by 50 percent.
To see the implementation process of the Government resolution, Head of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government G.Zandanshatar and authorities of 'Erdenes Mongol' LLC worked at 'Tavantolgoi Tulsh' Company on August 13. 
The company is capable of producing 100 thousand tons of processed fuel per year. Price for five tons of processed fuel is about MNT150 thousand or cheaper than that of raw coal. Experiment showed that five kilograms of processed coal retain its heat for eight hours, said J.Batbileg, general engineer of Tavantolgoi Tulsh Company.
Calculating that a household of ger area in the city burns five tons of coal annually, then annual coal consumption of 214 thousand households of ger area will be over a million tons. As the coal of Tavantolgoi deposit has high calories, the needs are likely to be entirely satisfied if plants produce over 600 thousand tons of processed fuel. 
There are 52 thousand ger households living in central area of the capital city, 97 thousand households in western area and over 53 thousand in eastern area. It plans to produce 300 thousand tons of processed fuel in total.
The same day, G.Zandanshatar also visited a South Korean company which produces processed fuel.