Highlights of Nomadic Mongolia festival

2018-08-14 15:30:24
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Government implementing agency Culture and Art Authority in cooperation with the Physical culture and Sports Authority successfully organized a festival ‘Nomadic Mongolia’ at Khui Doloon Khudag on August 11-12.

In the scope of the festival, intangible cultural heritage festival and the Sixth National Sports Festival took place, gathering over 700 talented folks and inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage, craftsmen and 2000 athletes from all over the country, where they challenged their talents and skills.

Moreover, the fair of Mongolian traditional handcrafts organized with the aim to pass down Mongolian traditional handcraft making methods to younger generation, strengthen ties between craftsmen and business organizations, honor Mongolian craftsmen as well as to create an environment to sell handmade crafts. The fair showcased Mongolian traditional clothes, traditional felt, hide and leather products, Mongol painting, Mongolian carving and embroidery products, traditional music instruments, herding tools and crafts of Mongolian blacksmiths. 
The Sixth National Sports Festival was organized in categories of National horseback, Khana and Khasaa Archeries and wrestling.
The horseback archery competition was attended by a total of 70 archers in 20 groups from nine districts and 21 aimags, including three children and four female archers while in the Khana and Khasaa archery competitions, 580 archers from nine districts and 21 aimags challenged their accuracy. As a result, local of Uvs aimag and State titled archer D.Norjmaa won.  Whereas, a team of Orkhon aimag took the first place as a team.
Moreover, a total of 120 wrestlers competed in the wrestling tournament, of whom 21 have the State-titles. The wrestling tournament was organized in two categories: wrestlers with State titles and wrestlers with aimag titles.