August 24 events

2018-08-24 11:10:52
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following events expected on August 24:

9 AM - 5 PM: The ‘Sustainable development financing’ discussion on ongoing energy, green building and city projects in Mongolia to take place at the Tuushin hotel

11 AM: The rare archeological finds that haven’t been discovered in Mongolia before to be displayed for the first time at the Mongolian National Museum

12 PM: Opening of the ‘Barilga and Oron Suuts-2018’ expo to be held at the Misheel Expo

1 PM: Student representatives to protest against increase of tuition fees at NUM

1 PM: Opening of the ‘UB Food’ festival to take place at National Amusement Park

4 PM: Opening of the photo exhibition on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the birth of Hero of Mongolia, senior diplomat P.Shagdarsuren to be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7 PM: Opening of the month-long campaign on the occasion of the Youth Day to take place at the National Garden Park