Erdenes Mongol introduced projects offering for investors

2019-08-21 14:12:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At the Boao Forum for Asia Ulaanbaatar, P.Gankhuu, CEO of Erdenes Mongol LLC presented about company’s projects with high social and economic benefits as well as partnership business opportunities for local and foreign investors.

The Erdenes Mongol LLC is engaged in activities to exploit major strategic mineral deposits and to create value-added products of infrastructure, energy, transportation and logistics. For instance, the company is working on a coal and renewable energy project “Shivee Energy” to produce energy with brown coal and export to China and further Northeast Asian countries. Its subsidiary company Erdenes Steel LLC also carries out a project to produce 300 thousand tons of steel and 500 thousand tons of coke with a Chinese company. The Government of Mongolia gave the company a direction to represent Mongolia in major regional cooperation projects.

What’s more, the company is also in charge of various projects that are open to foreign investors for cooperation in all of their stages, such as utilization of the Baganuur mine, building of a gold processing factory and methane exploration with Australian investors. In addition, the company is offering another project to produce electricity out of methane gas, which is reserved in the Tavantolgoi deposit, in order to solve air pollution issue.