Cabinet introduces its 2020-2024 plan of action

2019-10-17 11:58:59

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The Cabinet held its extended meeting on October 15 and discussed its 2020-2024 plan of action. Activities to be carried out by each ministry were defined.

Some of the actions to be done in 2020-2024 by the ministries include expansion of infrastructure, development of tourism, improvement of agricultural product quality, export and industrialization, liberalization of financial markets, establishment of satellite cities, increase of housing supply and the types of transparent digital public service, establishment of heating supply system in Ulaanbaatar’s remote areas in coherence with construction works in ger areas, construction of thermal power plant in centers of 10 aimags and expansion of Amgalan Thermal Power Plant and 3rd Thermal Power Plant.

More works such as construction of 1800km paved roads across the country in four years, approval of the National Program on free legal assistance to target groups of the society, implementation of the National Program on the reduction of unemployment and poverty, inauguration of newly established Wastewater Treatment Plant, construction of buildings of ‘Chinggis Khaan’ Museum, Natural History Museum, Grand Theatre of National Arts, Children’s Culture and Development Center, realization of National Program ‘Healthy Food-Healthy Mongolian’, commencement of operations of Asgat and Salkhit silver deposits as well as others were stated in the plan of action.