“Vision-2050” Policy document presented to political parties

2020-02-13 17:06:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government L.Oyun-Erdene presented “Vision-2050” policy document to Democratic Party, Citizens’ Coalition for Justice Party and 8 parties forming a coalition respectively.

Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government L.Oyun-Erdene emphasized that the “Vision-2050” policy document was formulated by a working group comprising of 1500 people, including scholars, experts and state secretaries of 13 ministries, heads of some government agencies, authorities of universities and representatives of non-government organizations. “Instead of focusing on the mistakes of the past 30 years and judging whose right or wrong, we need to define our systems and our policies. Apart from our two neighboring nations, 11 countries around the world have defined their goals until 2050. We must, too. The policy formulated by the Government was officially sent to the Parliament. Handing over the document to the parties with parliamentary seats scheduled" he said.

The policy document is expected to be widely discussed by political parties, governmental and non-governmental organizations and academicians.

The “Vision-2050” long-term policy document has 9 fundamental goals and 50 development objectives and each of them is planned to be carried out for 10 years or 3 stages until 2050. By implementing them, Mongolia has set a vision to be, by 2050, a country that will retain its natural environment, languages, borders and cultures, and will be a leader in social and economic development. 8th goal of the “Vision-2050” was developed by more than 500 people including researchers and academicians based on the recommendations and feedbacks of aimags and regions, moreover, programs, projects and policy documents that have been used and implemented for the past 30 years. As a result, Mongolia plans to have 6 macro-zones in the future, with the territory being divided into 6 regions: East, Gobi, Altai, West, Khangai, and Ulaanbaatar.

The policy document was handed over to Democratic Party Leader S.Erdene, Citizen’s Coalition for Justice Party Leader J.Batzandan, Republic Party Leader B.Jargalsaikhan, Leader of National Party of Mongolian Women B.Sarantsetseg, Mongolian National Democratic Party Leader B.Tsogtgerel, Development Program Party Leader O.Zaya, Leader of Labor Party of All Mongolian B.Odsuren, Truth and Right Party Leader A.Otgonbaatar, People’s Governance Party Leader Ts.Narangerel and General Secretary of the Capitalist Party R.Uuganbaatar.