Renewing regulation on air quality improvement zones discussed

2020-02-14 16:22:18

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On February 13, the Council of the Governor of the Capital City discussed renewing the regulation on capital city’s zones of improving the air quality.

The capital city’s air quality improvement zones are renewed based on the amount of air pollution, government policy, the National Programme for Reduction of Air and Environmental Pollution, and the capital city’s master plan on reducing air pollution, and decision made by the Governor of the Capital city.


“Based on the level of air pollution in the districts of Baganuur, Bagakhangai, and Nalaikh, and the suggestion put forth by the district governing body, we propose to include the three districts request to include in the zones of improving the air quality for 2020-2021. As the previously existing khoroos of the three districts were divided as according to the resolution on changing the structure of khoroos made by the Citizens’ Representative Khural of the Capital City in 2019, it also became necessary to include the newly established 17 khoroos. 


The Ministry of Energy, and the Energy Regulatory Commission created the opportunity for 41,964 households to use 4kWt heaters by enhancing the capacity of electric power infrastructure and sub-stations. Thus, I am putting forth a suggestion to divide the capital city’s zones on improving the air quality into 4 zones,” highlighted official in charge of air and environment pollution projects of the capital city D.Munkhjargal.


The progress of ger district re-planning, pressing issues, and future measures were also presented at the meeting.

Of the total of 35,206 hectares of residential area in Ulaanbaatar city, 6,711 hectares of area is taken by buildings, while 9,752 hectares of area is taken by ger districts. Step-by-step re-planning measures are being taken in 1,540 hectares of the ger district area, involving 162,000 citizens and 40,000 households.