Information of standard resorts and camps compiled

2020-08-05 19:05:57

Zavkhan /MONTSAME/. One of the activities that Zavkhan aimag carrying out to develop responsible tourism is to register and promote resorts and camps that meet the quality standards.

The number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Zavkhan aimag is rising year by year. In correspondence to this, a new brochure and catalog was issued last year based on the survey conducted in aims to register and identify the services for domestic and foreign tourists provided by camps and resorts in the aimag that meet the quality standards.

This year, the data has been updated, featuring the compilation of information on locations of the aimag’s attractions and its brief introductions, distances, prices and tariffs etc. The information can be obtained from the Tourism Association of Zavkhan aimag.

As of today, there are 15 tourist camps in the aimag, registered as offering good services. The farthest of these is the "Otgon Buyant Khangai" tourist camp, located 130 kilometers from the aimag center, at the foot of Otgontenger Mountain. Whereas, the nearest one is the “Mustiin Am” tourist camp in Aldarkhaan soum, 7 kilometers from the aimag center.

According to the Tourism Association of Zavkhan aimag, 8 spring sanatoriums and 13 hotels and restaurants in the aimag center have been registered and identified as standard.