Government organizations ordered to work under cost-saving mode through 2021

2021-02-18 12:31:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On February 17, the cabinet held a regular weekly meeting and issued an order to all state and local government organizations and wholly or partially state-owned entities, excluding those organizations directly responding to COVID-19, to take following cost-saving measures until the end of 2021. 

Lower approved budget spending by more than 10 percent by cutting back on unnecessary expenses, 

Hold back on employee salary increases, rewards and incentives, 

Optimize allocation of job duties and eliminate duplications of works and tasks,

Refrain from purchasing auto cars and office furniture,

Not organize public celebrations, such as anniversaries as well as corporate parties, company trips and retreats, and talent and sports events or competitions unless otherwise approved by the government,

Producing documentaries and TV shows and series intended for promoting the company and its employees to the public, not for informing the public about official decisions and legislations and their enforcement, is not allowed,

Avoid sending paper greeting cards, giving gifts and souvenirs and sponsoring any types of events,

Reduce utility bills for electricity, heating and water consumption by 20 percent at minimum,

To delay replacing work uniforms, equipment and tools of employees of administrative organizations,

Transition to online document and file sharing system in the internal communications in order to lower paper consumption and printing costs.