Registered unemployed drops by 4.1 thousand from last year

2021-02-23 11:26:39

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. According to the administrative statistics of the Ministry Labour and Social Protection, the number of registered job seekers reached 26.0 thousand in Labour agencies in aimags and the Capital city at the end of January 2021. Of which, 16.5 thousand (63.3%) were registered as unemployed and the remaining 9.5 thousand (36.7%) were employed but looking for a new job. Out of the total registered unemployed, 8.6 thousand or 52.1% were women. 

During the public emergency readiness regime, the units of the General Office of Labour and Welfare were operating normally. However, the number of job seekers has been declining since job seekers were warned and encouraged to stay home due to the lockdown regime, which is resulting in delays in the activities of enterprises.

Registered unemployed decreased by 4.1 thousand (20.1%) from the same period of the previous year and 1.6 thousand (9.0%) from the previous month. 

At the national level, 269 (1.6%) persons with disabilities registered as unemployed, of which 133 (49.4%) were women. In the total registered unemployed at the national level, 52.6% were young people aged 15-34. The share of young people aged 15-34 in unemployed was 0.5-25.9 points higher in Sukhbaatar, Khentii, Uvurkhangai, Selenge, Dornogobi, Uvs, Bayankhongor, Khovd, Umnugovi, and Dornod aimag than the national average.


Source: National Statistics Office