Yokozuna M.Davaajargal wins his 45th Emperor’s Cup

2021-07-19 15:56:29

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On the last day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, 69th Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Hakuho M.Davaajargal came out victorious over his match against Ozeki Terunofuji G.Gan-Erdene, winning his 45th championship title with a perfect 15-0 record.

The two Mongolian-born powerhouses came into the final day neck and neck at 14-0, but it was M.Davaajargal who emerged victorious.

"I feel really great. My right knee was not acting as I wanted, but I just wanted to focus on this one bout," said Hakuho during an interview.

"At this age, I didn't think I would win the tournament with a perfect record. I'm just relieved."

M.Davaajargal missed last six tournaments in a row after having knee surgery in March.