Best traditional script writers awarded


The 21st national contest ‘Foremost Traditional Script Writers of Mongolia’  finished  on January 8 with an award ceremony held at the National Modern Art Gallery, where the best works were exhibited.

The ‘Foremost Traditional Script Writers of Mongolia’ is an annual contest organized by MONTSAME agency’s ‘Khumuun Bichig’ newspaper, with an aim to select the best hand writers of traditional Mongolian script.  

According to Mr B.Elbegzaya, Managing Editor of the ‘Khumuun Bichig’, the Mongolia’s first newspaper in traditional Mongolian script, the contest is widening its scope year by year. In particular, the ‘Best Traditional Script Writer Class’ category of the contest attracted more than 100 classes this year.

In total, more than 1,000 hand writers representing 20 aimags and all nine districts of the capital city have competed in seven categories of the contest, co-organized with the Governor’s Office of Chingeltei district of Ulaanbaatar.

The seven categories are – ‘Best Traditional Script Writer Class’, ‘12th Grade Pupils’, ‘Pupils’, ‘Adults’, ‘ Professional Teachers’, ‘Calligraphy’ and ‘Creative Work’.

The exhibition featuring the best works of the contest will be open till January 12.