Diesel fuel being imported from Russia and China

2022-12-15 11:14:36

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Ulaanbaatar Railways JSC is taking urgent measures to improve the distribution and meet the domestic demand for diesel fuel.

According to Head of the Transport Control Department of Ulaanbaatar Railways M. Tsogt, the company has shortened its transportation and unloading time by 16 hours to improve the distribution and meet the domestic demand for diesel fuel. Trains arriving through the border ports used to spend 36 hours at Tolgoit Station in Ulaanbaatar City for unloading and transferring oil products. Now the duration required for the abovementioned procedures has been reduced to 20 hours. He also informed that the customs office works 24 hours a day.

These works are being organized with the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry as discussed between the companies and enterprises that import and transport diesel fuel.

It was reported that diesel fuel is currently being imported from China in addition to Russia last few days. The duration required for the transshipment of diesel fuel has also been shortened as it no longer waits for transportation calculations and customs clearance.

The decrease in the diesel fuel imported from Russia poses a potential fuel shortage, not the transportation and unloading procedures. As of December 9, the company received 267 wagons of fuel from China and planning to receive 200 more wagons.

220 wagons out of 253 loaded with petroleum products from Russia have been unloaded at the railway station so far.