‘Realm of Zorigdol’ exhibition

2017-10-24 13:01:33
A member of the Union of Mongolian Artists, painter and sculptor Mr Uuganbayar opened his solo exhibition titled ‘Relm of Zorigdol’ on October 21 at the Red Ger Art Gallery. According to Kh.Uuganbayar, the exhibition is an expression of transformation and future prospects in his mentality, rather than being bound under a certain theme. The name ‘Zorigdol’ refers to a Buddhist concept that can be translated as ‘True will’. The artist says that he named the space for knowledge and creation arisen after learning Buddhist philosophy ‘Realm of Zorigdol’. Although his previous works mainly dealt with themes of fairy tales, myth, intuition and nature, this exhibition describes the realm emerging from imaginative meditations. The works are based on symmetrical composition and dominated by turquoise blue color.