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Secret History of Mongols illustrated on felt to be presented to public

2017-09-11 11:15:58
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Secret History of Mongols,  one of the oldest surviving Mongolian-language historic and literary work has been illustrated on 108 meter long felt appliqué and presentation of the artwork to public will be held on September 13 on the Sukhbaatar square.

Khan Khentiin Gar Urchuud (Craftsmen of Khan Khentii) company in Umnudelger soum, Khentii aimag initiated this project with aim to inherit felt embroidery applique, a traditional handcraft to future generations.

D.Nergui, artist of Khan Khenttin Gar Urchuud company said “We have applied to register this artwork in the Guinness Book of Records. It has been nominated for the longest art piece made from animal origin raw materials, using the longest tread, secondly the longest artwork made on felt and thirdly the most inclusive artwork engaging various nations and ethnic groups”.

The embroidery appliqué depicts the life of Chinghis Khan and the history and traditions of Mongolians in the 13th century,  such as animal herding, movement and shaman ritual with inclusion of the images of petroglyphs, deer stone and national ornaments.

Over 5000 craftsmen from 21 aimags created the felt appliqué from December 28, 2015 till March 12, 2017 and during the creation process 4000 more people were taught on making felt appliqué. Craftsmen from not only Mongolia but also from Mongol originated nations including Inner Mongolia, Tuva, Buriat, Khalmig and Kirgiz engaged in the creation. 108 m felt, 110 m white fabric, over 100 liter paint of 32 colors and 20000 km camel wool thread were used for the appliqué.