Tourism Ministers Meeting of Mongolia, Russia and China start

2018-07-10 18:01:23

The Third Tourism Ministers Meeting of Mongolia, Russia and China started today, on July 9. Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia N.Tserenbat, relevant officials led by Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city S.Batbold, over 60 representatives led by Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration Du Jiang and about 20 representatives led by Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism at the Ministry of Culture of Russia Nikolay Vadimovich Korolev are participating in the two-day meeting.

Mongolia welcomed a total of 470 thousand tourists last year, while Russia received 81 million visitors and China 270 million. Most of the tourists visiting Mongolia are citizens of Russia and China. The number of tourists from neighboring countries is growing by about 10 percent annually. Thus, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia proposed to create travel routes along the borders and the Tea Road jointly with Russia and China.

Moreover, in cooperation with the Russian Federation, Mongolia will connect the Baikal lake with Khuvsgul lake by road to provide tourists with the opportunity to see the two remarkable lakes at once.

Director of the Tourism Policy Coordination Department at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism S.Bayasgalan said “The Khushig Valley airport will be commissioned by the end of this year, which will triple the number of tourists. Currently,  the main air routes are to Seoul, Beijing and Moscow. New routes will be launched. In addition, airports that meet international standards will be established in Khovd, Uvs, Umnugobi and Uvurkhangai aimags.”

Tourism in Mongolia will be developed regionally. Specifically, the special interest tourism or mountain tourism will be developed in western region, tourism based on the history of Mongolian empires in eastern region, business tourism in central region and tourism based on natural and discoveries in Gobi region respectively.
This will allow decentralization of  tourists to aimags and even allocation of tourism revenue

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