‘25 years in the Arctic Zone’ exhibition opens

2018-09-20 13:56:28

Honored Figure of Science and Doctor of Medical and Biological Sciences B.Baasansuren is displaying his exhibition ’25 years in the Arctic Zone’ at the National Museum of Mongolia on September 17-21.

Dr. Baasansuren is prominent scientist in the world, who conducted biological and ecological researches on reindeers of Mongolia and Yakutia, thoroughly studying the species’ morphology, anatomy, histology and physiology. He has been working in the fields of biology and medicine for 30 years.

He wrote many important works for studies of the species’ metabolic features and natural order of their adaptation in ecological environment by learning biochemical compositions of organs and blood, protein and amino acids of reindeer, along his accurate studies of ecological environment and chemical compositions of soil and water of the reindeer’s habitat.

By combining the result of his research works with the Eastern and Western medicines, Dr. Baasansuren devised many new methods of prevention and treatment of diseases. He has treated more than three thousand people so far.

Moreover, he became renowned by treating over members of 180 families who suffered from infertility due to disorders of bone marrow, uterus, kidney and fine internal organs which were caused by being in extreme cold environment for a long time as well as other reasons.

He gave 55 presentations at scientific conferences of many countries including Mongolia, China, Japan, Norway, Canada, Russia, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Vietnam, France, Austria, Germany, England and so forth.

Furthermore, he mounted similar exhibitions in Yakutia and Saint Petersburg in 2012.

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