Electric shearing practice spreads in Arkhangai aimag

2020-07-09 13:51:42

The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) in partnership with the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) has been implementing the Pro Value project in Arkhangai aimag that leads the country in the number of sheep (2.9 million sheep) since 2015 to promote added value creation in wool value chains.

As part of the project, a shearing and dipping facility was established in the 6th bag of the aimag’s Erdenebulgan soum and such facilities have been built in other soums of the aimag, providing sheep shearing training for herders. Recently, locals of 6 soums including Khotont, Khashaat, and Ugiinuur, participated in a training session.

Head of MNCCI Arkhangai office Ch.Munkhbat As part of the Pro Value project, demonstration training sessions on how to shear sheep using electric clippers have been provided for more than 100 people since 2015. The most recent one on how to shear sheep using electric clippers and dip sheep was provided for herders from Khotont, Khashaat, Ugiinuur, Ulziit, Battsengel, and Khairkhan soums in a partnership between MNCCI and DIHK.

The traditional way of shearing takes 20-30 minutes on average, while electric shearing takes 2-5 minutes. Those involved in the project say the use of electric clippers not only make the shearing easier for herders, but also prevent the wool from getting dirty and that brings many other advantages such as increasing the herders’ income.

Head of Food and Agriculture Department of Arkhangai aimag P.Gombodorj The electric shearing practice was introduced to Erdenebulgan soum of Arkhangai aimag first in 2017. Following the example, sheep dipping tubs have been installed at over 180 sites. This is how the herders of Arkhangai aimag are easily shearing their sheep using electric clippers and dipping them together in summertime.

By learning to shear their sheep following accordance with safety instructions, herders are making the process easier for themselves and saving time. The method also has been increasing the yields of industrial standard wool and the sheep dipping that comes immediately after shearing allows the prevention of infectious animal diseases.

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