Mandala Exhibition opens

2018-02-12 16:59:28

On February 9, the Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum opened an exhibition named ‘Crystal Mansion of Pure Spirit’ as its first exhibition of 2018 in conjunction with the Lunar New Year.  The exhibition unveils for the first time over 70 rare and precious mandalas made by famous craftsmen and Mongolian Buddhist artists of Ikh Khuree in the 18th to late 19th century.


A mandala is a representation of the cosmic, the universe, in a circular pattern which leads to a central point.  Mandala can be created in most art forms: paintings, carved work or those created in colored sands on a table.  When Mongolians create Mandala, they enrich it with their philosophy.  It is so unique that making creative mandala with different sizes and colors using natural materials, enriching it with own conception without losing its initial composition, proportion and Buddhist symbolism.


During the opening, Buddhist artists from the Gandantegchinlen Monastery created mandalas in front of guests attracting their interest. 


In addition, the Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum printed out a catalogue and photo book named ‘Realm of Gods and Mandala’, which comprises photos of rare and precious exhibits being kept at the Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum.


The exhibition will open until March 10.